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Light Up Your Life

Tania Freimuth tells us how the Canon EOS C700 FF’s revolutionary sensor lets her shoot in the natural-light style that inspires her...


Colour Consistency

How the Canon EOS C200’s leading-edge image quality helps filmmakers and colourists, like Ollie Kenchington, be more efficient and more creative.


Every Angle Covered

Discover the world of the Canon EOS cinema system and be in with a chance of winning a superb Canon EOS C200, worth more than £6490! Read on to find out more and how to enter this incredible competition.


Meet the Canon EOS Cinema System

Find your next level with Canon’s world-class system of cinema cameras and lenses. No matter what type of films you’re making, from big features to TV production, events to documentaries, there’s something in the Canon range that will fulfil your needs.